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Hand-spun 50% merino blend pet hair yarn

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Slickers, combs, clippers, and shedding tools all produce hair from grooming out pets. Lots of it.  Have you ever wondering if it might be useful? It is. Most pet hair can be washed to become odourless. And it looks just like angora, and is called "Chiengora". Have it blended with your preferred fine wool colours!

Small Saints will blend your pet's fine undercoat with a fine merino wool colour of your choice, and spin it into a precious yarn. The finished yarn is 50% pet hair and 50% merino wool. 

Cost is $60.00 per 28 g (1ounce) of pet hair. The minimum order is 112 grams (4 oz), which will require 56 grams (2 ounces) of your pet's hair.  Cost includes carding, blending with merino wool to 50%, spinning and plying (2 ply), and finishing (gentle washing) to produce a sport weight yarn.  

Carefully weigh your pet hair quantity prior to ordering and shipping.  Increment weights 14.5 grams (0.51 ounce) and above are to be rounded up for payment purposes.

Order online first and select your finished-product weight.  For example, 56 grams (2 oz) of your pet's hair will be turned into approximately 112 grams (4 oz) of finished blended yarn. Therefore, if you are sending Small Saints 56 gm of pet hair, your finished yarn weight, for placing your order, will be 112 gm. 

When ordering blended yarn, please consult the Ashford colour chart included with the product photographs and indicate your merino wool colour preferences in the 'notes' section of your shopping cart.

Please send clean pet hair to Small Saints.  Soiled and/or matted hair will require a payment of an additional $30/ounce prior to processing.  Please feel free to contact us with questions.

To ship your pet's hair to Small Saints, place it carefully into a paper bag, and then into a waterproof shipping package, trying not to compress the hair. Include your Small Saints order number in the package, add a little information about your pet, and ship to:

Small Saints

103 McDermid Drive, Prince George, BC, Canada, V2M 4T5 

The customer is responsible for the cost of shipping pet hair to Small Saints for processing.


Finished-product shipping is free in Canada.

Shipping fees to other destinations will be calculated during checkout.