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Quality Guarantee

Small Saints values quality workmanship and quality materials. To help you care for your Small Saints pet urns and keepsakes, each comes with specific care instructions.

Small Saints honours a lifetime replacement guarantee on any defect due to custom workmanship. Small Saints offers a 2 year repair or replace guarantee on any defects in its supplied materials. 

Small Saints is not responsible for damage caused by urn falls due to unsecured hanging upon walls, or urn falls from any in-home display areas, or improper care of products, such as, but not limited to, prolonged exposure to heat or cold, extreme temperature fluctuations, water damage, household cleaners, abrasive cloths or cleaner, customer application of varnishes, shellacs, or other surface coating materials, hair products, perfumes, cosmetics, lotions, or improper cleaning or storage.

Please contact Small Saints if you have a product question.