Quality, beauty, supporting local artisanship, and delivered with compassion

About Small Saints

The catalyst for creating unique, personal urns and keepsakes was my mother's memorial reception in the year 2000. As I held her Parthenon-shaped, conventional wooden desktop urn in my hands, I realized that she would not have chosen this style for herself. It did not suit her as a visionary thinker and an artist. I would not have chosen this for her either. However, with unexpected events, one does not often have a choice.  Similarly, urn and keepsake choices are limited for companion pet owners. Urns and memorial products that are available at pet stores or online are often made offshore, cheaply, and are conventional in appearance.
When my own dogs were cremated, I had similar concerns.  As an artist, I could appreciate something unique and artistically handcrafted. As a citizen wishing to support local businesses and artists, I desired something that was made in locally, if not by me, then by a local crafts-person or artisan. I also wanted an urn that was discreet. I desired quality that was apparent. I wanted the compassion in the creation of the urn to be evident. With these thoughts in mind, I conceived of, and created, a unique customized portrait keepsake box that I felt paid tribute to the special relationship I had with each of them. This special wooden vessel would be of high quality, also be a custom pet portrait and hang on the wall, making it indistinguishable from a painted or an engraved portrait.
In the meantime, a friend had asked me to design a memorial silver pendant with which she could honour her canine friend. This gave me the impetus to explore creating more customized jewelry.
Many of my friends, once seeing my designs and understanding the keepsake boxes, the portraits, the jewelry and the ideas behind them, encouraged me to create a business around the conception.  Small Saints is the fruition of that idea, created using values that I believe in.  So, you could very literally say that Small Saints rose from ashes. 

Small Saints prioritizes the values of quality, beauty, local artisanship, all delivered to the customer with compassion.  Small Saints also looks at this business as a collaboration with its customers. It welcomes any tips on how to make a better product, make it a better business, as well as any suggestions about products that customers would like to see developed. Small Saints is a federal and provincial tax registered business in Canada. 

Barb Anderson | Small Saints Owner, Designer & Artist


Barb Anderson with her dogs

Photo 1: me with my dogs, some of whom are gone now (l. to r., Meg, Japhet, and littermates Jason and Gryphon (black)).


Agility Jim

Photo 2: my newest addition, Jim, who together with Gryphon comprise the current canine clan of two.