Quality, beauty, supporting local artisanship, and delivered with compassion

Small Saints

Pet Urns and Keepsakes

Helping you return their devotion

Using a photograph of your pet, and our exclusive keepsake box design, Small Saints creates either a laser-engraved portrait or an original painting directly on the box.  Once finished, the portrait box hangs discreetly on your wall just like portrait art.

We also create custom keepsake jewelry and pet-hair yarn.

Animals + Love + Art. That is Small Saints.

Small Saints priorities are quality and beauty
local artisanship
Any supplied materials Small Saints uses are purchased, in order of priority, from local, British Columbian, Canadian, or other North American sources


"This (custom laser-engraved portrait urn) far exceeds what I was expecting. It's so beautiful! I can't believe how beautiful it is. I can't thank you enough."

Tara Lowe - Whitehorse, YT

"Barb created a painting of my "once in a lifetime" dog Kahochella which has perfectly captured the essence of my beautiful girl. It's not just a painting. The spirit of "Kooshie" shines thru Barb's art. She has a gift for this ability. Now that Koosh has passed, this work of art graces a well crafted Small Saints Urn, and hangs above my kitchen table. I have loved her work so much that I have commissioned a laser engraved urn for my brother's dog, who passed last year."

MJ Routley - Logan Lake, BC