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Caring for Your Portrait Keepsake Box

Thank you for purchasing this very meaningful piece of art to honour your pet.  Thank you also for supporting hand-crafted artisanship and small business enterprise. The following instructions will help you look after your purchase.

If applicable, place your pet's ashes into a leak-proof bag prior to enclosing them in the urn/keepsake vessel.

Use a only a hand screwdriver to access the box interior, being careful not to not over-tighten the screws when replacing.

Avoid excessive handling of the box in order to prevent the wearing away of its finish, and the accumulation of skin oils and grime on its surface.

Wood does best in an environment with stable temperature and humidity levels. Do not expose the portrait box to extreme temperatures or moisture. Place the portrait well away from any heating or cooling devices or vents.

Do not place the portrait in areas of direct sunlight or harsh domestic lighting. UV light and/or heat can harm the finish and the wood. Low amounts of natural light are best.

Dust the portrait box regularly using only a clean, dry, cloth or feather duster. An engraving or painting may be cleaned gently using a fine, soft paintbrush. Do not use any cleaning products. Never use a damp cloth to clean the box.

Ensure that you hang the keepsake box securely on your wall. Any system designed to hold heavier objects such as large pieces of art or heavy mirrors is suitable.  If in doubt, ask your local hardware store proprietor.  In the meantime, here is a link that describes some hangers and the weights at which they failed: