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Caring for Your Felted Keepsake

Thank you for entrusting Small Saints with the creation of your custom felted keepsake.  Here are a few tips to keep it, and you, happy.

Wash your hands before handling your felted item.

Do not comb or brush your item, and avoid pulling hairs out of it, either intentionally or unintentionally, through contact with velcro or tape.

Keep your felted fibre art and jewelry away from dirt and liquids. If your item does get stained you can clean the area by first gently brushing away all surface dirt with a clean, soft paint brush. Afterwords, gently cleaning the stain with a cotton swab that has been dampened with cool water.

If the stain is stubborn, add a very, very small amount of Woolite to your cotton swab and gently try to clean the stain. Keep in mind that any constant friction combined with hot, soapy, water WILL reshape your felted object. Be very careful.

Air-dry your object thoroughly in a dust-free location.  Never use direct sunlight, heaters or a hair dryer to dry your felted art.

If you need any assistance, or a 'touch up', please get in touch with Small Saints!