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Round Felted Pet Hair Keepsake Pendant

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Made of heavy-weight Mexican sterling silver, this is another well-made round cabochon pendant. Your order will be custom crafted using a teaspoon of your pet's soft undercoat. The core of the cabochon is hand-made from soft wool, and your pet's hair in felted firmly into the surface. Merino wool colour accents are added at your preference. One colour accent is included in the base price. We have a stunning array of wool accent colours to choose from. Please reference the wool colour chart in the product photographs.

All pendant bezel settings are made from high quality sterling silver. This sturdy setting is heavier than than the 'fancy' settings.  It's bail is also more simple in design. 

Pendant setting diameter is 19 mm.  The item comes with an 18" sterling silver chain.

The following customization options are available:

  • One, two or three colour accents, or a paw print design
  • If you have a design idea you would like customized, you can submit a sketch after you order. Keep in mind the design must be simple for such a small surface. Attach your sketch to an e-mail, and include your order number, and send it to:   icare@smallsaints.ca

Customization Options

Added cost

Additional colour accents


Paw Print


Customer design submission


Include your accent colour preferences your design notes in the 'notes' section of your shopping cart.

Send at least 1 full teaspoons worth of your pet's hair in a small paper envelope, enclosed in a waterproof shipping package, plus a little information about your pet, to:

Small Saints

103 McDermid Drive, Prince George, BC, Canada, V2M 4T5 

Please order online first, and then include your Small Saints online order number in the package.


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